Video Baby Monitors – Don’t Expose Yourself!


A common breast feeding venue is the parental bedroom or the child’s nursery.

Breastfeeding has been a controversial subject since humans stopped roaming free across the undeveloped world. There’s a regular fierce debate about whether or not mothers should be able to openly feed their baby in cafes and other public spaces, and while the vast majority of people believe that it’s fine to do, there are still a small section of society that feel uncomfortable and even offended by the practice. On the other hand, there are a significant number of mums that feel too self conscious to entertain the thought of presenting their bosom to their child in public, and even make sure they’re alone at home when feeding. We could understand the public dislike if you were feeding an eight year old, but preschoolers surely couldn’t be more natural!

This post is entirely about breastfeeding, but nothing at all to do with the views of society. We’re going to talk a little about how technology keeps your baby safe, but at the same time might break the privacy you seek if you fall into that last category as a mum who likes to feed baby quietly with no-one else around. After all, it’s a special time of bonding for you with your baby, so don’t feel anything but the fulfilment of looking after your little one.

Baby monitors seem to have been around forever, possibly since we were children ourselves. Now though, they come in video format, meaning that you can watch over your child sleeping from the same handset that you’d previously have only listened to. That means that there’s a camera in their room as well as a microphone. If you’ve had children before, or been at the home of someone who has young infants, you’ll know how easy it is to overhear a private conversation up in the child’s room, undoubtedly either leading to amusement or embarrassment (or both). Where video baby monitors and breast feeding meet, though, may result in your guests getting an eyeful that they’re not expecting when glancing at the monitor! Naturally, you’re likely to close the curtains or lower the blinds before feeding if you’re in easy view of the neighbours or passers-by, but the electronic eye of the video monitor is often overlooked!

Naturally, most people will just look away and think no more of it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a little self conscious when you realise what’s happened. These devices are, on the whole, very useful and can even be seen as safety devices to monitor your child. You can read more about them in the product guides at, you’ll discover all sorts of incredible features that you’d never have thought possible. They’ve come a long way since the crackly gadgets we remember listening to when our younger siblings arrived in the world!


Creepy or reassuring?

There’s actually an irony in the fact that most of us find the amount of surveillance in the world slightly creepy, yet we’re keen to install a camera in our child’s bedroom. When you consider that it communicates wirelessly to get the images to you as a parent it’s even more surprising that mums and dads don’t worry more about these devices and how secure they are. Having said that, it’s got to be balanced against the additional safety they provide to your child, especially where added extras like Babysense are included, Motorola’s breathing detection system which watches over your sleeping child.