A Great Start To Life For Your Baby

There’s one thing that unites almost all parents, and that’s wanting the best for their children. Very few people plan to start a family without giving some though to how they want to bring up their child, and for a lot of new parents, a lot of consideration goes into whether to breast feed, and if so, how long for.

Science and medicine say that breast is best, but there’s been increasing doubt over recent years (largely thanks to the internet) about just how much difference that it makes.

As with so many things, there are experts who will tell you that feeding naturally is something that you should never consider omitting from a baby’s routine, whereas others will tell you that it makes no difference whatsoever.

So, who should you listen to? Sadly, there’s no single correct answer, but we’re going to look into both arguments in a lot more detail, and also give you some more help with different ideas for improving life in a new family.