How You Can Brighten Up Your Baby’s Nursery Space With Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the ideal way to provide you with privacy and brighten up rooms. The main type of roman blinds work with pull cords that lift the blinds down and up that creates a series of folds when the blind is in a lifted position. They’re particularly good for children’s nurseries, so new parents often consider them as they can be raised or lowered as needed to allow more or less light into the room. What’s more, they come in a huge range of colours and designs, so suit almost any child’s room.

Many of the manufacturer’s offers these blinds with fabric linings, but you can also choose the blackout option. Today you will find an extensive range of roman blind fabrics in various designs and colours. These types of blinds are not only stylish but also practical and work well in the majority of conservatories and windows.


•Enhance a room with luxury and warmth that the roman blind types are able to provide

•These blinds can be used in just about any type of area and a blackout lining option is available to keep the heat and the sun out

•You are offered the choice of an extensive range of fabrics along with different effects, textures and colours. This means you are able to find just the right design to suit your decor.

•To offer a completed finish these blinds come with matching accessories like headboards, cushions and pelmets

•You can choose from a reputable supplier to create bespoke blinds to add these timeless masterpieces to any of your windows in your home or office

Information On Roman Blinds

The Roman Blind is still regarded as one of the more stylish methods to dress a window with the use of sophisticated and clean lines. They have the ability to brighten the look of dark rooms. You can choose to use these blinds as a “stand-alone” window treatment that you fit on the inside or outside of a window recess or you can choose to combine the blinds with curtains to offer your windows with a layered visual appeal. In general, the designs available are comparable to the multi-coloured roller blind prices, but tend to offer a more expensive looking result.

Fabric Range

Roman blinds (example) from reputable suppliers are manufactured out of high-quality fabrics that results in a softer and better finish to match the look of these blinds. The right roman blinds are created to last as well as define the décor of the room that you choose to use them in.

The Feel And Look

The roman blind hangs flat against the windows when they are in a lowered position. The blinds are raised using the draw strings that are controlled by a chain sidewinder or cord-pull that is attached to the thin bars which are inserted into these blind types. This assists in forming straight-stepped folds when they rise. The depths of the folds are always in proportion to required overall drop and in general the minimum of the stack drop is around 12″.

Finishing’s And Linings

When selecting your roman blinds you are offered with the choice of a thermal, blackout or standard lining. Some suppliers will also offer contrast borders that you can add to the bottom of your blinds.

Measuring And Sizes

When it comes to roman blinds there are a variety of sizes available up a maximum drop of 240cm and a maximum width of 250cm. If you choose the blinds that necessitate more than 1 width of material or fabric the blinds are typically made using a full sized central panel along with a smaller matched panel on each side. This is usually a requirement for the blinds that are wider than 132cm, dependent on what the fabric width was originally.

When you order your roman blinds you will be asked for the recess size or blind size. The recess size is for when the blind will be fitted inside the window-recess. When you order a blind size, no allowances are made while the dimensions that are supplied will be inclusive of the brackets and head rail. When ordering a recess size the necessary allowances will be made. If you plan to install roman blinds that will fit outside the recess it is suggested that the blinds will extend a minimum of 10cm beyond every side of the actual window frame.

Safety Information

•The window blind cords must always be secured as well as out of reach of small children and animals – particularly worth noting for the younger members of the family.

•Young children are at risk of becoming strangled by the loops in the chains, tapes and pull-cords which operate these types of products, hence the requirement of the safety devices from professional fittings.

•To prevent the risks associated with entanglements and strangulation, the cords must always be out of access or reach of children. The cords on roman blinds can easily become entangled or wrapped around a animal or child’s neck

•To prevent these dangers move furniture, cots and beds away from windows to ensure they do not cover the cords

•Avoid tying the cords together and ensure the cords don’t create loops or twists

•You may want to invest in a child-safety device that assists in keeping the control chains or cords away from reach. These are almost always supplied with blinds these days, so be sure to ue them.